Project Opening: September 12, 2013 Area: Lighting, Theatre

28 Songs Later

28 Songs Later is Brighton Secondary College’s epic zombie musical written by the genius minds of Declan Vadasz, Dylan Murphy and Ryan Jewell.

’28 Songs Later’ follows a band of survivors as they attempt to; not only survive in a world devastated by singing, murderous zombies but also to find a way to stop this terrible plague once and for all.
Featuring an ensemble cast including: Christian Rhodes-Wolfe, Michelle Burstin, Michelle Gerster, Douglas Rintoul, AIlie Bellofoire, Fraser Somerville, Austin Khouri, George Coburn and Diana Grinberg.

For this production I was tasked as the designer, head electrician and board operator in a venue with no equipment. Everything that was used was hired in including all patching, cabling, rigging, etc.