Project Opening: June 16, 2015 Area: Lighting, Music Theatre

Mongrel | New Short Works

Mongrel is a collaboration between VCA’s music theatre, interactive composition and production students, under the guidance of dramaturg Maude Davey and composer Peter Farnan. It is a playful take on the music theatre genre and how it can be stretched and crafted into new forms and ideas.

Program A

Down the Rabbit Hole
An unsuspecting innocent arrives at the local club for her birthday celebrations. She soon becomes entangled in a world where everything is not as it seems and uncovering the truth doesn’t always result in the best outcome…

Our House
On tonight’s episode of “Our House”, Steph tackles her newest “save the world” campaign with little help from the Olympic addicted Kasey. Meanwhile, what is happening behind closed doors between Bridget and Phil? And will the gang be torn apart forever?

Program B

There’s A Man On A Hill and I’m Watching Him with my Telescope
Offering style, comfort and discreet toe tapping service, in one of the city’s most elusive locations. Our guests enjoy themselves and each other, and though at times there can be misunderstandings, our concierge team will be there to fulfil your every need – sometimes before you’ve even thought of it.

Among Us
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”  Lao Tzu
Where have we been and where are we going?

We Need to Talk
A cross-media exploration of what it means to communicate in this technological age. Can electronic communication be a substitute for human connection?


Lighting Team:
Lighting Designer: Jake Jobling
Head Electrician: Megan Evans
Board Operator: Andrew Marshall